Mobility Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Siteline App Mobility!

This is your Getting Started Guide to help you with the basics of the Siteline App for Mobile. This guide assumes you have received your Welcome email or user invite and have setup the Siteline App for the Web.  On your Apple or Android device, you will need to download the Siteline App as follows:

iOS App store: search on “siteline-app”

Google Play stores: search on “siteline-app”

Now that you have downloaded the Mobile App, let’s get tracking! 

Connection Settings

  • Open the Siteline App on your iOS or Android device
  • On the Login Screen, press and hold your finger on the Siteline App title to expose the Host and Port fields

  • Your Host name is the same as your Siteline App web address (sent to you in your Welcome email) such as
  • Your port is: 443. Once you’ve entered your host name and port you simply swipe down to automatically save

Signing In

Next, we need to sign-in. You should have received an email with a link to fill out your information and create a password to log into the Siteline App. Your Username and Password are the same for both Siteline App Web and Siteline App Mobile. To sign-in, insert your Username/Email and Password and select .


Once you are logged in, you can see all the Forms assigned to you. Form permissions are administered in the Siteline App for the Web. At any point, you can select the button on the bottom left-hand corner labeled as Forms to navigate you back to the Forms page.

We will go through a couple of the main Forms to get you started. Fields listed below with * are required. The System Administrator ultimately defines the fields you will see on the Form, if they are Required, Optional, Hidden, the sort order and adds the Dynamic Pre and Post Conditions. This can ensure the data being entered is valid such as a Location existing in the Locations page within the Siteline App for the Web. The System Administrator can also provide you look up lists to select from. Remember, with a Network Connection, transactions are immediately saved to the Siteline App servers where you can view the transactions in real-time within the Siteline App Web. 


Stock is used to add new Inventory into Siteline App. Click on to get started. Some of the fields available are:

  1. Location*: scan or enter the Location you are stocking at
  2. Item Number*: scan or enter the Item you are stocking
  3. Tag Number: scan or enter a unique Tag number
  4. Serial Number: scan or enter a unique serial number
  5. Quantity*: when a Tag Number or Serial Number is entered the quantity always defaults to one. If a Tag Number or Serial Number is not entered this field can have any Quantity greater than zero
  6. Depending on your configuration, you might be asked for additional fields such as Status, Condition, Disposition, Owner, Usage, Group Label or other fields.


Transfer is used to move inventory from one Location to another. Click on  to get started. Some of the fields available are:

  1. Barcode*: scan or enter an Item Number, Tag Number, Serial Number, or a Group
  2. Barcode Type: auto-fills based on the Barcode value entered, read-only field
  3. From Location*: enter the current location of the Item Number, Tag Number, Serial Number, or Group
  4. Quantity*: defaults to one, can be modified if the Inventory to Transfer has the available Quantity
  5. To Location*: enter the new Location where the current Item Number, Serial Number, Tag or Group is going to
That’s it! Those are the Basics of the Siteline App for Mobile.