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Introducing Sitehound Integration Engine

Set Management Software

Configure Sitehound to connect to a variety of external systems.
Our integration experience includes the following:

Integration Engine + Epolling

Unlock the potential of seamless integrations with our innovative Integration Engine. Designed to work seamlessly with epolling, our Integration Engine empowers your business to connect and automate workflows effortlessly. Experience the power of efficient and cost-effective integrations with Fulcrum Technologies. Enterprise power, small business price.

Integration Engine + Mapping & GIS

Fulcrum Technologies’ Integration Engine seamlessly connects ShapeFiles and geoJson to external systems like ArcGIS, eliminating manual intervention. With our powerful integration engine and expertise in Mapping & GIS, we empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their geospatial data. Experience the speed and efficiency of automated data interfacing with Fulcrum Technologies’ integration engine for smooth and hassle-free integration with ArcGIS.



Pre-defined Workflows

Selecting pre-made triggers will allow you to use the default/built-in actions for commonly used integrations, workflows, and activity in Sitehound.

Custom Workflows

Creating custom triggers will allow you to configure integrations, workflows, and activity in Sitehound to better suit for business needs.