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Positive ROI Benefits

CATS Solution enables ALM best practices with proven ROI.

Internal Control of Assets

CATS provides accurate asset and inventory data needed for compliance with regulatory rules (SOX, etc.)

Real Time Visibility of all Equipment

Efficient management of inventory is supported with current location information at every stage of its life cycle.


Extensive APIs for Integrations

Integration is key to a complete ALM solution - providing accurate & up-to-date equipment information to external systems for maximum enterprise efficiency.

Go Green - Eliminate Wasted Energy & Money

Eliminate the waste of excess inventory, unnecessary inventory movement & employee motion, along with inefficient manual and paper processes.

Accessible Anywhere from the Cloud

CATS is easy to access when and where it is needed and allows for quick setup to start tracking and managing your assets.

Increase Efficiency within Finance, Supply Chain, and Field Ops


Imagine if purchases, receipts and invoices all matched, saving you money?

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Field Operations

Want to have real time visibility to your entire field inventory without over burdening your technicians?

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Supply Chain

Need assurance you are ordering only what you need and receiving everything you ordered?

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Mobile Solutions for Asset & Inventory Tracking

CATS Mobility Software by Fulcrum

Available on Google Play and the App Store

  • Quick, Easy and Accurate Data Collection
  • Real-time Processing in both Network and Batch Mode
  • Internal Controls for Management and Optimization of Assets
  • Streamlined Efficiency through Automation

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Dynamic Integrations Available

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