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CATS Asset Lifecycle Management for Data Centers

Every data center strives to optimize their CAPEX and OPEX to stay competitive and be successful in the long run. To do so requires a disciplined approach to infrastructure management. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) lets you use best practices from Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) to track and manage your data center assets, giving you an accurate, real-time view of your asset’s “useful life” for financial data management, analysis, dashboards, and reporting. Fulcrum's CATS Mobility software provides powerful, flexible, intelligent mobile scanning solutions to support DCIM. 

In addition, the data collected can be managed and reconciled using CATS CenterPoint, providing an overview of a company’s assets at all points throughout their lifecycle. CATS API and Integration Services provides the link between physical assets and financial systems to support financial analysis for reducing CAPEX. 

Customer and/or project focus: CATS gives you the option to track equipment by customer, project, or both.

Track it down to the blade position: CATS allows you to track assets down to the rack and blade/spot location.

Identify idle equipment: CATS can identify idle equipment, allowing for it to be redeployed where you need it.

End-of-life and maintenance management: CATS lets you track and manage equipment end-of-life and maintenance contract expiration dates.

Track passive infrastructure:  CATS allows you to track passive infrastructure like battery banks, diesel generators and cooling systems.  

Use a powerful mobile front end:  CATS lets you use a best-in-class mobile front end across a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS and Android to allow easy recording of installation activity.  

The CATS ALM solution includes software, services, labels, and mobile hardware to make sure your solution is seamlessly integrated from end to end.  If you would like to implement DCIM at your data centers, please email us at info@fulcrum.net.

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