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Having enterprise-wide hyper-connectivity requires extensive integration into the critical systems that propel a business forward and ensure competitive advantages in their industry. Regardless of whether these systems are CAPEX, OPEX, Supply Chain or Financial focused, they need to be connected with real-time, actionable data and insights. Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and any other business services are worthless without the information they utilize and the people they serve.
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Enterprise connectivity, convergence, and control is rapidly evolving as technologies empower a new hyper-connected landscape. This evolution is bringing together users, enterprise applications, and the critical data that flows back and forth. The utopian state that creates is a dramatic improvement on end-user collaboration at all levels, as well as the conversion of chaotic streams of information into actionable data.
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Want to know what it will take to be a successful CFO in 2030? This Fulcrum Technologies article, published in the fall 2019 CCA Voice, gives a glimpse into the future.
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  • How Finance and Supply Chain Executives can WFH like Champs

    How Finance and Supply Chain Executives can WFH like Champs


    Finance and supply chain executives who suddenly find themselves in an unplanned work-from-home environment, are either sinking or swimming based on one specific factor – and it’s not what you think...
  • Minimizing the Coronavirus Impact to Supply Chain

    Minimizing the Coronavirus Impact to Supply Chain


    Globally, all governments are working with health organizations and private corporations to stop the surge of the Coronavirus, “Covid-19”.  The shipping stoppage from Asia, as well as the numbers of...
  • A Heartfelt Thank You from Fulcrum

    A Heartfelt Thank You from Fulcrum


    Against the backdrop of the novel Coronavirus global pandemic, unsung heroes are keeping the world connected – allowing the rest of us to be productive, calm, and mentally healthy. These heroes are t...