Whitepaper Recommendation: “4 Key Stages of Asset Management Life Cycle”

PECB published a great article on Asset Lifecycle Management here at https://pecb.com/article/4-key-stages-of-asset-management-life-cycle-, covering the very topics Fulcrum Technologies lives and breathes daily for some of the largest CSPs on earth.

As PECB notes: “The process of optimizing the delivery of a value and making the appropriate decision is asset management. Asset Management comprises of opportunities, balancing of costs and threats against the desired level of performance of assets, which is essential for the greatest return on investment and to attain the main objectives of the organization. One of the main objectives is minimizing the overall life cost of assets which can be affected by other indicators such as business continuity or risk during the decision-making process.”

For more than two decades, Fulcrum has focused solely on solving these challenges with more experience in this particular area of discipline than any other vendor. Fulcrum specializes in capturing accurate data about network equipment when and where changes take place, validating and managing that data, communicating it with other systems and then helping users view it in the manner and at the level of detail that is consistent with the way they work within their organization.