The Secret to Fulcrum’s Success? (Hint, it’s the people factor)

With so many long-time employees here at Fulcrum, they bring an incredible amount of experience to inform our product and to each one of our implementations.

Heather Geer started in the field in 2005 scanning equipment as part of our Inventory Services team – and now heads up our Field Support and Training groups. Who better to know exactly what the field technicians need?

Carlos Maldonado also started in the field doing data collection over 20 years ago then gained experience as a data manager and now is our Lead Software Test Engineer, because he knows what the product needs to do, and how to make the job easier for the field technician as well as the warehouse workers.

Chris Cushman in his 15 years is now the Fulcrum Principal Technical Architect and builds on his experience of working on every enterprise implementation for our various customers during his time with Fulcrum.

Project Management gains from the expertise and experience of Lori Mendoza who has also been with Fulcrum for 15 years and brings 20 years of prior experience in the Telecommunications industry with her – and with that depth of knowledge she understands basic needs of the end users and the overall goals of those in the C-level offices.

Jami Oster, Fulcrum’s CEO joined Fulcrum 10 years ago bringing not only her general industry knowledge but an intimate knowledge of our product having worked as the main Asset Management tool at her previous company as they expanded and built out their new markets nationwide. What a better endorsement for our product – then our CEO starting as an end-user of our product, becoming a team member, and ultimately leading our Fulcrum during its next phase of expansion. Now that’s a customer success story!