The Hyper-Connected Enterprise is Blind Without Mobility

Enterprise connectivity, convergence, and control is rapidly evolving as technologies empower a new hyper-connected landscape. This evolution is bringing together users, enterprise applications, and the critical data that flows back and forth. The utopian state that creates is a dramatic improvement on end-user collaboration at all levels, as well as the conversion of chaotic streams of information into actionable data.

At the “edge” of enterprise hyper-connectivity is an empowered, connected, flexible army of mobile devices with customized mobility solutions. These mobility solutions take advantage of the wealth of BYOD and corporate hand-held hardware to accurately scan and/or report on all strategic assets, inventory, hardware, and infrastructure. Effectively, they become the eyes and ears of the company, providing the only insight into the location, status, and availability of the millions or billions of dollars of assets that provide the very backbone of companies core services. Having these eyes and ears is critical for CAPEX and OPEX goals for Supply Chain, Finance, and Network Operations departments.

Fulcrum customizes and tailors mobility solutions and routines to match the exact business processes and needs, and is scalable to millions of end points, across any geographical location.