How can I liberate critical information hidden in Corporate Silos?


Most organizations lack the ability to share confidential, real-time asset lifecycle data between departments in a secure manner that will help employees perform their jobs more pro-actively and efficiently. 

Critical information is often trapped in single department ‘silos’ – accessible only from within a compartmentalized back-office system. As a result financial, supply- chain and operational records cannot stay in sync; this in turn leads to bad decisions based on out-of-date information. 


The key to changing the corporate culture away from compartmentalized data is to demonstrate the advantage of providing accurate, real-time data – so each depart- ment can do their job more efficiently. 

By its very nature, the Fulcrum CATS solution is a change agent; it collects the real-time data that corporations need and it can disseminate it across all departments in a secure manner. 


CATS automatically shares its real-time data collection and change control with your existing back-office systems. In fact, CATS works alongside and in tandem with your Finance, ERP, OSS and WMS systems from leading vendors, includ- ing Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, RedPrairie and Manugistics. 

The result is better information dissemination – from person to person, from department to department, from system to system – all across the enterprise as information becomes liberated from corporate ‘silos.’