Fulcrum/MDSI Webinar: 5G is Coming; Your Assets Are On The Line

5G wireless networks are going to usher in a new age of higher data rates, Industry 4.0, IoT devices, and driverless cars. To support the millions of devices invading our lives we must first take all of our supporting infrastructure to the next level. This transformation will have a significant impact on Communication Service Provider (CSP) assets and infrastructure, and those companies who have a solid Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) practice in place will have the most cost efficient roll-out. The fact is, equipment and other assets move around a lot during their lifecycle – whether it is due to regular maintenance, the upheaval of merger/acquisition activity, or the ‘technology cascade’ that occurs when new equipment is deployed and old equipment is reassigned to new locations or retired. 
Information is power. With the right information you can make smarter decisions, faster. 
The asset information collected and managed by an ALM system can dramatically transform the effectiveness of your organization. Armed with real-time asset information, your teams in Accounting and Finance, Operation and Engineering, Planning/Supply Chain, and IT can work more accurately and efficiently. Gain full visibility of your hardware landscape – what you have, where it is, and how it can be used. Then you can determine when to purchase, sell, redeploy, repair, or recycle your 5G (or other) assets.  
The MDSI and Fulcrum Technologies partnership provides tailored technology solutions for telecom, cable, and data center infrastructure environments – focused on reducing costs, centralizing visibility, and optimizing value at every stage of the asset lifecycle.  
The time to prepare is now. Hear overviews and strategies from experts who have implemented best practice solutions for some of the largest carriers in the world, helping to manage literally billions of dollars of Network Assets and CPE Equipment.