Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Every data center strives to optimize their CAPEX and OPEX to stay competitive and be successful in the long run.  To do so requires a disciplined approach to infrastructure management.  Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) lets you use best practices from Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) to track and manage your data center assets, giving you an accurate, real-time view of your asset’s “useful life” using data for financial data management, analysis, dashboards, and reporting.  Fulcrum’s CATS software provides powerful, flexible, intelligent mobile scanning solutions to support DCIM.  

In addition, the data collected and reconciled by CATS lets you see what assets you have, when they were installed, the depreciation schedule, and what current book value is.   Having this snapshot enables financial data management and analysis of every physical asset in your data center.  In short, CATS is the link between physical assets and financial systems, providing asset data and financial analysis throughout the entire lifecycle to reduce CAPEX.  

Some Fulcrum CATS DCIM Solutions: 

Track hardware or software assets:  In addition to tracking any hardware asset, CATS lets you track software licenses, redeploy software, manage the term – and even get notifications when terms are about to expire. 

Customer and/or project focus:  CATS gives you the option to track equipment by customer, project, or both. 

Track it down to the blade position:  CATS allows you to track assets down to the rack and blade/spot location. 

Identify idle equipment:  CATS can identify idle equipment, allowing for it to be redeployed where you need it. 

End-of-life and maintenance management:  CATS lets you track equipment end-of-life and maintenance contract expiration, which includes getting proactive alerts when it is time to act. 

Track rack space reservations:  CATS allows you to keep track of rack space reservations per customer opportunity, with the option to automatically set an expiration after some period of time.   

Track equipment power and heat requirements:  CATS allows you to track equipment power and heat requirements, and can provide warnings when installations are about to exceed rack power capacity or cooling capacity for the aisle or room.   

Track passive infrastructure:  CATS allows you to track passive infrastructure like battery banks, diesel generators and cooling systems.   

Track any and all relevant asset data:  CATS allows you to integrate sensor data to report on actual power utilization, temperature, battery capacity, generator fuel levels and run hours.   

Get data center visualization:  CATS lets you provide visualization of data center and rack-level equipment, allowing for visual searches and drill downs to all asset details.   

Integrate RFID sensors:  CATS gives you the ability to integrate RFID sensors to simplify data collection. RFID for rack verification and recording of equipment leaving and/or entering a room can play a big part in ensuring data accuracy for data center assets. 

Use a powerful mobile front end:  CATS lets you use a best-in-class mobile front end to allow easy recording of installation activity.   

For over 18 years, Fulcrum has been the leader for Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), integrating tightly with all major back-end ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP. CATS provides Data Center admins with a holistic view of a data center’s performance so that equipment, energy and floor space are used as efficiently as possible, while collecting data across a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. 

The CATS ALM solution includes software, services, labels, and mobile hardware to make sure your solution is seamlessly integrated from end to end.  If you would like to implement DCIM at your data centers, please email [email protected] today.