Color Barcodes

In today’s bright and vibrant global supply chain, the colors used in labeling can be just as important as the words or the label data. It’s no longer just valuable to show a pretty label on a finished product – demand for color labeling has moved beyond finished goods and businesses are beginning to see the importance of using color labeling throughout the entire supply chain for a number of reasons. 

The need to support color label printing is becoming more prevalent across all industries in order to meet evolving customer and corporate branding requirements. Also, new government regulations, which require the use of color, are leading businesses to completely rethink the way they identify and label products. These evolving mandates are further driving investments in color labeling. With these impending changes it’s becoming increasingly important to have a solution in place that allows companies to quickly and easily add color to their labels and adjust to shifting environments. Therefore, as customers’ demands change companies must evolve their labeling strategies right alongside their products and processes to avoid any disruptions in their supply chain. 

Color label printing in an automated system have proven to be critical for doing business in today’s global supply chain. Implementing an Enterprise Labeling approach, which offers the power and flexibility to support complex, global and high volume labeling, allows firms to quickly and easily create color labels to improve usability and brand recognition and most important safety without all the effort, cost and waste associated with using pre-printed stock. 

A wide range of industries have seen governments make a steady push to increase workplace safety through the use of better warning labels. While long chunks of text or black-and-white images can be easily missed or ignored, color labels stand out and draw attention. As such, new global rules are calling for colored symbols on labels, which can more clearly indicate any crucial information that both handlers and customers in the supply chain need to know 

The need for color printing is becoming more pervasive as companies look to meet the challenges of compliance and other regulations, reduce their dependence on pre-printed label stock, and adhere to emerging brand standards and customer requirements.