Audits and Reconciliation

The fact that your infrastructure is growing is undisputed; it’s a fact. Each day new assets are being added. So, what do you do???

It’s the responsibility of supply chain to order and purchase these assets. It’s the responsibility of warehouse and field personal to track and manage these assets. It’s the responsibility of Finance to ensure accurate books for depreciation, taxes, and retirements. Many stakeholders across an enterprise have a very vested interest in making sure they have complete mastery over the extensive, geographically diverse, expensive assets.

Performing physical audits and cycle counts maintains a continuous accurate view into your current inventory and when combined with reconciliation, it identifies discrepancies across a series of audits. You can manage those discrepancies to bring your inventory counts into alignment with actual verification. 

Audits and reconciliation can be used for operational, regulatory, or compliance reasons, where an organization can validate discoverable field, warehouse, and distributed assets. This helps with correcting inaccuracies in inventory records and contributes towards an updated Fixed Asset Register (FAR).

Empower all your enterprise groups with perfect vision of their infrastructure, products, and assets using a comprehensive Field Data Collection and Asset Tracking solution from Fulcrum. This powerful combination completes the full end-to-end picture, with actionable data.