Asset Tracking Mobility Solution

CATS Mobility can help asset-intensive enterprises address the unique challenges in maintaining visibility, insight, and control of their mission critical assets. These assets are typically distributed across geographies, and often located in remote areas. The people who service and operate those assets are often distributed, mobile, and work every possible environment across the back office, warehouse, and field.

You can integrate CATS Mobility to any OSS, BSS, or ERP System, providing a critical IoT gateway to the expensive systems you already invested in.

This highly configurable mobile solution works on any major scanner or smartphone scanning platform, so people can bring their own device, or use one given to them by a company. Most solutions are supplier centric, in that one size fits all, unless there is an expensive change request. The fulcrum solution is customer centric, and can be easily adapted to how you work, where you work.

CATS has over 50 mobility routine templates that can be used ‘as is’ or easily configured and customized for specific job functions and roles. We can also create customized routines from scratch that can turn your device into a powerful, intelligent, and flexible field tool that supports your unique business and process workflows.

CATS has an intuitive template which can e used to easily create new custom routines – and any of the new routines can collect required (and optional) data based on the user’s role, their job function, and permissions.

There are four ways to capture data with CATS Mobility computing. Users can type in the input, perform a search, scan an item, or select from a pre-defined list.

There are additional controls available with the tap of a button – such as accessing profiles, routines, inventory, validation files and more. And enterprise grade security keeps your data locked down from end-to-end. This includes secure log-on, user limited permissions, and encrypted password protection. You can connect in real-time through a secure transport layer behind your own firewall.

We also know you wont always be connected, so we give you the option of working online or offline. For offline users, we collect the information in batch files and upload the information when you connect next.

Find out how you can use CATS Mobility solutions to get visibility, gain insight, and take control of your assets from end-to-end.