Asset Lifecycle Management for Oil and Gas


CATS ALM Mobility Solutions can be configured to let any oil and gas worker scan 1D, 2D, or Micro PDF barcodes on “tagged” assets with the least amount of attempts required, capturing data as it moves throughout its lifecycle.  This highly configurable software works on any major scanner or smartphone scanning platform… and can be used across drilling rigs, field locations, data centers, back-office areas, and warehouses.  The CATS ALM applications is unique in the fact that it includes comprehensive functionality to support the entire asset lifecycle, from cradle to grave. 

What kind of assets are we talking about? 

  • Land-based oil and gas drilling rigs 
  • Offshore drilling rigs 
  • Process manufacturing equipment and plants 
  • Power generation plants 
  • Aircraft / Components 
  • Defense assets including weapons systems, vehicles and facilities 
  • Pipeline related assets 
  • Power distribution assets 

Whether you are planning, designing or maintaining your asset lifecycle management for your oil and gas enterprise, CATS ALM gives you one version of the truth so you can maximize value realized over the asset lifecycle.  And through integration with systems like financial, engineering, supply chain and OSS or BSS applications CATS will greatly improve those systems with accurate, up-to-date information gathered using the superior mobile data collection capabilities within CATS. 

CATS is designed for use in the field because that is where the majority of asset transactions take place. So let CATS be the mobile front end to your critical applications that work with your oil and gas asset data.