Frequently Asked Questions

Sitehound is brought to you by Fulcrum Technologies, we have been doing this for a long time (over 20+ years) and have some of the best experience in the industry in the Asset Tracking and Asset Management industry implementing solutions for companies of all sizes. Our Web and Mobility Asset Tracking products are unlike anything else in the industry, with out of the box functionality to Stock, Transfer, Deplete just to name a few along with our powerful Mobility dynamic forms, Asset Tracking is unlike anything you have ever seen. We know what we are doing!

The list is long, but here are some examples…parts, tools, equipment, vehicles, phones, computers, office furniture, office supplies, personal items, towers, software, proof of purchase, warranties, buildings, land, RMA’s, documents, photos, you name it! Keep track of just about anything.

It is unlimited Asset Tracking, meaning you won’t get charged more for tracking more things!

Sitehound works on both the Android and iOS operating systems. You can download Sitehound+ from the Android Play or iOS App stores.

Absolutely not! With our built-in scanning and tracking through our iOS and Android Apps, it isn’t needed in a lot of cases. However, depending on what your needs are, we do offer a wide range of products that you can implement, based on your business needs. If you are interested in other hardware, you can fill out a request here.

Absolutely! We offer a 30-Day Free Trial, for more information click here.

You can have as many users as you want, just remember we charge per each active user.

For the 30-day Free Trial, you get 1 Organization, after the trial you get up to 3 Organizations. If you need more, additional Organizations can be purchased within the application after your Free Trial is complete.

If you support multiple customers or have separate teams, you can create Organizations and customize each to suit your needs within Sitehound. 

You get up to 10 GB of storage included with your subscription. If you exceed your storage limit, we will notify you. Additional storage can be purchased within the application after your Free Trial is completed.

Yes and yes. We use Amazon Web Services for our cloud servers and they are the industry standard for security. With AES-256 encryption, you can be sure that your data is safe!

Absolutely! Contact us here and we would love to discuss pricing to help get things setup. We have a great team to help!

You can see your billing history within Sitehound.

Yes, you can save about 20% if you prepay for the year.

You can pay with a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you would like to pay with ACH, contact us here

You are responsible for keeping up to date your billing information within Sitehound if it changes.

You will not be charged for that user until the next billing period.

If you don’t cancel the Free Trial before the 30 days, your billing information on file will be charged based on the number of active users.

If you are the billing account owner of Sitehound, you can cancel your subscription in the application at any time.

You will have access to your Sitehound instance for the remainder of your Free Trial or billing period.

We do not offer refunds.

When you sign up for a Free Trial, you are automatically added to our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of any email we send out.

We will delete your data from our system soon after your subscription ends.

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