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Frequently Asked Questions

After initiating the free trial button or purchasing Siteline App from the Fulcrum website, an email is immediately dispatched. This email provides a link to the Siteline App Register page

  • Create your username and password to login to your new Siteline App solution. 
  • By default, the account owner is automatically setup with System Administration group permissions. 
  • After signing in, you are admitted to your configured Organization account in Siteline App. 

Organizations have multiple uses in the Siteline App. They are where the account owner assigns group permissions to users. These group permissions determine what users have access to within the Siteline App Solution. 

Another important Organization feature, is if there’s a need to segment application data based upon having multiple clients. The System Administrator can create a new, and separate Organization to their account. This feature then allows users to allocate their data to the correct Organization. 

New users can be created by issuing them email invites. To help track the email invites, Siteline App provides a User’s Dashboard that shows current members and email invitation statuses, as well as managing these invites. The login screen to Siteline App also displays those invites that are in a pending status towards a specific Organization.

Invite new users to their Organization in Siteline:

  1. Initiate the Users App on the Web, arrive at the Dashboard Entity, and click the +INVITE TO ORGANIZATION icon on the dashboard.
  2. Or from the same Users Application, navigate to the Invites entity.
  3. Following the Dashboard path example, click +INVITE TO ORGANIZATION icon.
  4. A pop-up box asks for the Email Address of the new user.
  5. Enter the email address for the new User and click the +INVITE.

Organizations provides the ability in the Siteline App to create separate and segmented application data for different clients. Organization are maintained as a singular Organization and with the account owner having the ability to invite users to their Organization, as well as assigning ‘Groups’ which determines the permissions or tasks they can perform within Siteline App.

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