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CATS is used as an inventory control system that supports a company-wide network valuation. Within this ever-growing network, all field technicians utilize CATS to track millions of assets. After a decade of utilizing CATS, we are still finding ways to add value. Recently, all third-party contractors utilize CATS Chain of Custody solution for visibility into uninstalled equipment in transit.

Key Benefits:

  • CATS provides internal controls around fixed assets thus ensuring SOX compliance
  • CATS identifies inventory not yet installed and therefore not subject to taxation
  • CATS eliminates duplicate taxes to multiple jurisdictions for installed equipment
  • CATS Chain of Custody assures invoices aren't paid until equipment is installed

Bharti Airtel

Fulcrum implemented a comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution for this major global carrier with operations in Asia and Africa. The ALM solution provides full integration with multiple enterprise-level applications, while tracking all company-owned assets and inventory across business units. This gives them visibility, insight, and control of their critical assets and infrastructure through all phases of the lifecycle.

Key Benefits:

  • CATS identifies and recovers stranded assets
  • CATS reconciles Airtel's Fixed Asset Register (FAR)
  • CATS tracks new deployed material for rule-based automation capitalization