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CATS Asset Lifecycle Management for Telecom

Wireless and Wireline Telecoms are at the forefront of new Communications industry technologies, bringing in 5g, higher data rates, Industry 4.0, IoT devices, and A.I. such as driverless cars and smart cities. To support the millions of devices that permeate our lives, these Telecoms know how critical the supporting infrastructure is to taking consumers to the next level. This infrastructure includes a multitude of assets, parts, equipment, and inventory, which represent just over 50% of a Telecom’s OpEx and CapEx budgets. With so much invested in these foundational assets that enable the core business offerings, the companies that thrive are the ones who have a solid Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) practice in place.

The fact is, most critical Telecom assets move around a lot during their natural lifecycle. This is due to regular maintenance, the upheaval of merger/acquisition activity, and the technology ripple effect that occurs when new equipment is deployed and old equipment is reassigned to new locations or retired. The asset can be anywhere - across warehouses, offices, 3PL, the field, new construction sites, data centers & switches. Asset Lifecycle Management gives you visibility into all of them, pulling in data from a comprehensive platform of field data collection services such as mobile technology, e-Polling, Audits, orders and fulfillment, and more. It also provides insight and control for managers, as well as all connected enterprise systems, such as ERP, BI, OSS, WMS, 3PL, and more.

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