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Having the right leasing partner for equipment, infrastructure, tools and technology assets will make sure you save valuable CAPEX both up front and over the asset’s lifecycle without compromising on the integrity and bottom line of the agreement.
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An Asset Lifecycle Management Suite is a powerful and flexible solution for tracking and managing your infrastructure assets and inventory throughout their lifecycle. Fulcrum’s CATS provides a wide range of features, modules and functionality to meet many different asset management scenarios. At the same time, CATS is flexible and scalable to allow a wide range of implementation and integration options that will fit within almost any enterprise ecosystem.
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CATS Mobility can help asset-intensive enterprises address the unique challenges in maintaining visibility, insight, and control of their mission critical assets. These assets are typically distributed across geographies, and often located in remote areas. The people who service and operate those assets are often distributed, mobile, and work every possible environment across the back office, warehouse, and field.
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